Your Artistic Expression Lives Here.

Masterful visual design has the ability to streamline an artist’s success and build a brand from their passions. From independent to label artists, Nashville Music Design is where your artistic expression meets world-class graphic design. Come explore some of our favorite projects here and join our family of customers and artists!

If it gets physical, we’ve got you covered.

Nashville Music Design partners with world-class printers and manufacturers to assist customers in bringing their “physical” products to life!

Nashville Music Design Waylon Jennings

It’s All In The Name.

Nashville Music Design is first a “design house”, because all we do is design! It’s our whole focus. Sure if your project requires printing, we’ll set up manufacturing or work with your own vendors. No markups! No worries! We’re cool that way. We simply provide professional graphic design services for the music industry, with unmatched attention to detail and a goal of 100% satisfaction! We said it, “100%”! In other words, we offer the type of service you would expect from an award-winning design company. We are Nashville Music Design, where your artistic expression meets world-class graphic design!

We’re 5 Star Crazy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get started?

Using our quick contact form, tell us what you may have in mind. We’ll reach out under no obligation to determine if we can help. It’s that easy!

Q. Will Nashville Music Design also manufacture my product?

Nashville Music Design is first a design house. We focus all of our attention on design! That’s why our customers receive unmatched personal treatment. Don’t worry, if your project requires manufacturing, we’ll help set it up!

Q. Are my images good enough to work?

300 ppi (pixels per inch) grayscale or CMYK images work best. Lower 72 ppi resolution images found on the internet will look less sharp in the final design and are often protected by copyright. Make sure when supplying client content you have all the necessary licenses required to use them.