About Us

Nashville Music Design is first a “design house”, because all we do is design! It’s our whole focus. Sure if your project requires printing, we’ll set up manufacturing or work with your own vendors. No markups! No worries! We’re cool that way. We simply provide professional graphic design services for the music industry, with unmatched attention to detail and a goal of 100% satisfaction! We said it, “100%”! In other words, we offer the type of service you would expect from an award-winning design company. We are Nashville Music Design, where your artistic expression meets world-class graphic design!

Our Beginnings

Nashville Music Design was founded by JT Wathen, an Indiana University, Herron School of Art alumni, receiving a BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts) double major in both Visual Communication and Photography. After providing graphics for several years to a variety of customers throughout the Indianapolis area, JT began to specialize his field of work. In 2011, he relocated to form Nashville Music Design in Hendersonville, Tennessee out of love for music and a strong desire to utilize graphic design exclusively within the music industry.


Nashville Music Design is proud to now be located in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida where JT remains our master graphic designer. His artwork is used world-wide for music projects like Digital Music Cover Art; CD, DVD, Vinyl Packaging; Admat and more!