At Nashville Music Design we are “5 Star Crazy”! How did we do?!

Together Again Jeannie Seely and Jack Greene

March 27, 2023

Truthfully, I just submitted some photos that I particularly liked of Jack and me, and because Jeff’s work was so highly praised by everyone connected with Country Rewind, I just let him do ‘his thing’! I couldn’t be happier with the results. The soft colors were so appropriate since Jack is no longer with us because it almost felt like a memory….. and it made me smile.

Jeannie Seely

Great Work

March 6, 2023

During my long career I have worked with several talented Art Directors on my album projects. But after the last seven albums the best is Jeff. His attention to detail is unsurpassed by anyone I have ever worked with over the years. His creativity is simply amazing!

Rex Allen Jr

Five Stars

February 28, 2023

Jeff… husband Roy and I want to say ‘THANK YOU’ for the your wonderful creative thoughts and great design on Barbara’s ’And I Love You So’ project. ‘Thank You’ for being so easy to work with and your open mindness to suggestions. Your layouts are EXCELLENT and color choices are so suitable for me. Will highly recommend you and look forward to the next time.

Barbara Fairchild

Barbara Fairchild

Five stars

December 5, 2022

Jeff was great to work with. Told him what my thoughts were and he ran with it. He’s done a few different album cover designs for me. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Mychael David


December 5, 2022

It is refreshing to do business with classy, experienced, generous and knowledgeable people.

Las Vegas Musician's Union

Masterful Cover Artwork

May 27, 2022

Jeff, Thank you for a masterful cover artwork creation for our upcoming Hindsight Records release, “True Treasures.” Your combination of boldness and subtlety is impressive. Native Sedalia Missourians will recognize the Wheel Inn background. This classic eatery was real, not fictional, and was our western turnaround point for Friday and Saturday night Broadway cruising in Sedalia.

Leroy Van Dyke

Awesome to work with!

May 18, 2022

Jeff was awesome to work with. He always listens to my ideas and then comes up with an even better design. I have now done 5 projects with him and they are all great.

Dr James Satterwhite

Five Stars!

May 16, 2022

I am Joni, the daughter of Conway Twitty. Jeff has worked on a couple of projects for us and he goes above and beyond to make it spectacular! He’s so easy to work with and I couldn’t imagine doing a project without him now! He has such a great eye for laying out the most beautiful artwork. Five stars for Jeff! He has such a great eye for laying out the most beautiful artwork.

Joni Lee Ryles